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Wood Options

We believe the quality of construction in a guitar supercedes everything else but the woods used are what gives a guitar it’s flavor.  There is almost an infinite variety of woods that can be used in a guitar to create the kind of tone a person would like.  You may choose the types of wood you would like your guitar built from and feel free to e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   if you would like suggestions.  Below is a list of woods available and when you have chosen all yours options send us an e-mail and we will give you a quote.  Please include all your hardware options and abalone & pearl inlay ideas.

Soundboard (or top) woodsBack and sides wood
Sitka spruce (bear claw or clear)East Indian rosewood
(bright, excellent tone, popular)(warm, rich sound)
Englemann SpruceBlack walnut   
 (more mellow than sitka, whiter)(deep, musical)
Adirondack SpruceMahogany
 (powerful for flatpicking)(powerful punchy)
Port Orford cedarCurly Maple 
 (stiff, powerful, nice tone)(clarity, brightness)
Western Red CedarKoa (from Hawaii)
 (warm, good overtones)(sweet, warm, excellent)
 (bell like treble, warm)(rich and clear)
                                                                         (similar to rosewood)
                                                                      Brazilian Rosewood
                                                                        (full sound, very pricey)

Fingerboard & bridge woodBinding wood 
East Indian rosewoodE I rosewood
Ebony   Ebony
 Curly Maple


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