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The 000-SP has been a favorite and Hawaiian Koa has been one of the favorite back and side woods.  The Koa goes well with Western Red Cedar (more mellow) and has great clarity and sweetness with fine grade Engelmann Spruce (as pictured below).  We love to go back and forth with e mail until we can arrive at just what you are looking for.

A favorite

Hawaiian Koa

Very excellent playability



A very sweet sounding and playing guitar.....this highly personalized OOO-SP guitar is a wonderful heirloom.  The 'Swan Guitar' has a very colorful Western Red Cedar soundboard (from British Columbia) mated with Hawaiian Koa back and sides.  The 'Mother of Pearl' swan inlays are very striking against the Ebony fretboard and headstock overlay.

The Swan GuitarHawaiian Koa


Here is a pair of All Montana wood guitars.  These OOO-SP's are the guitar version of a "paint" quarter horse......look at the fingerboards and bridges.....they are Mountain Mahogany, not really a mahogany at all but a hardwood that grows in Montana and is actually as hard as Ebony.  Back and sides:  one of them is Paradise Black Walnut the other is Paradise White Walnut (Butternut).  The soundboards are Montana Swan River Valley Engelmann Spruce.  Who says you need wood from South America or Africa for a guitar......these are SWEET sounding instruments!  12 fret necks....very nice to play.....


Black Walnut / White Walnut

This particular OOO-SP features African Padauk back & sides and a well aged Sitka Spruce is an excellent combination for punchy beautiful notes that can be felt as well as heard.  This guitar is a gem you won't want to part with....  it is a 12 fret neck that is play.  You'll want to bond with this won't last long......


Padauk/Sitka OOO-SP

Bird's Eye Maple rosette

Vintage style open back tuners

Purpleheart & Maple bindings


Here is a custom order OOO-SP cutaway with special Abalone shell inlay.  We can inlay whatever you would like to make that extra special heirloom guitar.  What could be more special to pass down through the family.  E-mail (or call us) that we might help you create that most special looking and sounding guitar.  Take note of the 'Bear Claw' Alaskan Sitka Spruce soundboard on this instrument.......


Custom made OOO-SP

Let us help you choose the right tonewood.

'Bear Claw' Sitka Spruce

Hawaiian Koa back & sides creates a crisp, gorgeous tone.

Koa with a wedge of Curly Maple

We have a good supply of beautiful Hawaiian Koa which is a treat to the eyes as well as to the ears.  This guitar below is a OOO-SP Koa with Florentine cutaway.  The top is  old growth Redwood with extremely tight grain (no rings more than about 1/32"  apart).  Tone is balanced, beautiful, with bell like  trebles.  This guitar is available....please e-mail us.

Old Growth RedwoodHawaiian Koa

Bindings and heelcap are South American Purpleheart and Maple.  Rosette is Bird's Eye Maple.

Florentine Cutaway

We can build your guitar from about any tonewood you would desire and we will help you decide your choices for both visual and tone appeal.  This particular OOO-SP is created with Curly Maple back and sides with Purpleheart and Yew wood bindings.................................

Curly Maple

Colorful Western Red Cedar Top

Purpleheart & Yew bindings


This OOO-SP has a Western Red Cedar top and Cocobolo rosette.  Top bracing on our guitars is all hand carved from select straight grain billets.  Most of our guitars are custom made but we do have some in stock so please e-mail (rick@montanaguitarshopcom) or call us.

Western Red Cedar top

We have a good supply of Paradise Black Walnut and many, many other woods.  We will take the time to help you know just how you want your instrument. We are only a click away..... This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Paradise Black Walnut back & sides



The OOO-SP is a smaller bodied guitar with good projection and sweet tone.   The neck  joins the body at the 12th fret placing the bridge more in the center of the lower bout which in turn with special bracing creates an enhanced tone.  This example below is Hawaiian Koa back and sides,  Old growth Redwood top and Paradise Black Walnut neck.








Here is an example of a OOO-SP similar to vintage Martin.  This one has a Sitka spruce top and African Mahoghany back and sides.  Has slotted peghead w/Schaller tuners.  The nut on this guitar is 1 3/4" wide and the scale length is 24.9".  Wonderful projection and tone with easy playability. Herringbone rosette and purfling.


000-African Mahoghany



000-SP bear claw sitka









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