In 1862 John White discovered a rich deposit of gold on Grasshopper Creek and that was the beginning of Bannack, Montana.  News traveled fast and by the next spring the population had grown to 3,000 people.  Bannack went on to be the first territorial capital of Montana and has quite a colorful history.  There are still about 60 existing structures left and fortunately Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks does a wonderful job of maintaining Bannack and has turned it into a state park.  Every year in mid July Bannack Days is held to celebrate the history of this wild west settlement.  Exhibits of everything from gold panning, candle making, blacksmithing, quilting, hat making, spinning & weaving, lots of old time music and much more take place.  This year Montana Guitar Shop was invited to set up a shop to exhibit hand made guitar building......and did we ever have fun!  Bannack is open year round and may be contacted at

Guitar making in Bannack

Rick playing a Brazillian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce creation.  photo Amy Brooke

Hay Wire

"Hay Wire" playing in the Hotel Meade (John Bacon on fiddle).

Rick & Gerben Celata

Gerben Celata didn't give up until his parents purchased a 00-P Parlor guitar for him.

Young Bannack string players

"The Junior Fiddlers" play on the porch of Hotel Meade.

Jerry Burtts

Jerry Burtts is a one handed guitar player / singer who would amaze you.

Ross Stocker

Ross Stocker witnessed the last gunfight in Bannack in 1932 and sings about it.

Bannack Church

Annette and I were priviledged to sing and play "How Great Thou Art" in the old Bannack Church Sunday morning.  We were accompanied by John Bacon (on fiddle) and was a joy.  The church building was built in 1877 by Brother Van (a horse traveling preacher) and Bannack towns people.




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