Typically the conifer trees (evergreens) are used for guitar soundboards with the Spruce varieties (Sitka, European, Adirondack, Engelmann, etc.) being the most common.  Some of the other conifers used are Western Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Redwood and yes even Pine.  Every different species of wood has it's own particular tonal properties and has to be voiced accordingly.  Voicing a guitar top involves every aspect of guitar construction but what has the most effect is the bracing wood and how it is constructed and shaped and then the proper thicknessing of the top.  To read an involved explanation I refer you to Ervin Somogyi's wonderful book "The Responsive Guitar".  Ever loving to explore new territory I just recently finished voicing a Montana White Pine top for a 14 fret OM style instrument and judging from all the tapping; it is going to be a REAL CANNON.  This guitar was built very understated (Butternut back and sides) with the intention of seeing how much tone we could sqeak out of what would be considered ordinary woods.  Hope you get a chance to hear it!

Montana White Pine   

Go for the tone!  Rick.....





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