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Antonio de Torres (1817-1892) was born in Almeria, Spain and is credited with being the father of the modern day (especially classical) acoustic guitar.  We have to give him thanks because we incorporate in our OOO-N nylon string a modified fan bracing based upon his design.  Guitar makers have learned a few things since Antonio Torres and have many advantages (like humidity control in the shop) that he didn't have, yet it has been said that his guitars had "sound that transcends the sum of its parts".  THAT statement is our goal at Montana Guitar Shop.

OOO-N Soundboard & Bracing

The soundboard and bracewood for this OOO-N modified classical is select Swan River Valley Engelmann Spruce.  The bridge plate is select Washington state Yew .  All these pieces are allowed to acclimate together for a period of time before being glued in the go-stick board.

OOO-N Interior

After braces are expertly glued to the soundboard (joints so good...they become ONE) they are meticulously hand carved and sanded.

Spanish heel construction

Traditional Spanish foot construction for the OOO-N.  Select Spanish Cedar is used for the foot and neck construction.  Since the arch of the back (15' radius) is trimmed with our (in shop designed ) side trimmer, the curve of the foot and end block perfectly mate to the arch of the back.

Padauk sides add wonderful tone

With African Padauk sides and back and impecable construction we have a winning combination to give a lifetime (and more) of musical enjoyment.  You will love the tone and playability.....better than the sum of its parts?  Wish we could get Antonio's assessment.



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