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guitar bracing

What's inside REALLY counts when it comes to acoustic guitars and at Montana Guitar Shop we take our time to make sure your instrument will "HAVE THE TONE!".  Bracing wood is only the most select. And unlike guitar factories is hand carved AFTER it is glued to the soundboard and back.  Glue joints are done with good squeeze out (which is painstakingly cleaned) unlike guitar factories which must use a minimum of glue to avoid extra time with cleanup.  We have developed through the years what we think is the best balance of strength AND resonance.  A guitar with beautiful balance and extraordinary tone (and structural integrity) that will sound sweeter and sweeter generations down the road.  Notice the cap over the X joint?  We want your guitar to be an Heirloom your great grandchildren will cherish.  Notice the bridge plate?  It is quartersawn Yew Wood......yes the same wood bow makers use.  It is very hard yet has a flex to it that is part of the reason a Montana Guitar has that crisp, special tone that is so enjoyed by listeners.

interior bracing

Let us build the love of your life!  With Kindest Regards....... Rick


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